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Safe use of juries during pandemic

The Kansas Supreme Court issued Administrative Order 2020-PR-050 creating the Ad Hoc Jury Task Force to analyze issues courts will face when jury operations resume in district courts. The task force will study and recommend:

  • ways to conduct jury trials and grand jury proceedings while protecting the safety of participants;

  • how to summon juries while following safety directives;

  • how to explain the process to the public; and

  • other actions to help resume jury operations.

Task force report, recommendations, and resources

REPORT: Resuming Trials Amid COVID-19

Resources for district courts

Districts with approved jury plans

Judicial districts listed below have approved jury plans. If counties are listed in parentheses after a judicial district, only courts in those counties have approved jury plans. If no counties are listed in parentheses, courts in all counties in the judicial district have approved plans.

Visit District Courts for a full list of judicial districts with counties. 

  • 1st Judicial District 

  • ​2nd Judicial District

  • 3rd Judicial District

  • ​4th Judicial District

  • ​5th Judicial District (Lyon County)

  • ​6th Judicial District (Miami County)

  • ​7th Judicial District

  • 8th Judicial District 

  • 9th Judicial District 

  • ​10th Judicial District

  • 11th Judicial District (Pittsburg courthouse location in Crawford County, Labette County)

  • 13th Judicial District (Butler County)

  • 15th Judicial District (Sherman and Thomas counties)

  • ​16th Judicial District

  • 17th Judicial District

  • 18th Judicial District

  • 19th Judicial District

  • 20th Judicial District

  • 21st Judicial District

  • 22nd Judicial District

  • 23rd Judicial District (Ellis and Trego counties)

  • 25th Judicial District (Finney and Greeley counties)

  • 26th Judicial District (Grant, Seward, and Stevens counties)

  • 27th Judicial District

  • 28th Judicial District

  • 29th Judicial District

  • 30th Judicial District (Barber, Harper, and Sumner counties)

  • ​31st Judicial District​

From the National Center for State Courts 

Jury Managers' Toolbox

Supreme Court orders and guidance

Supreme Court issues new administrative order, updated personnel policies related to COVID-19 (3-3-22 news release) 
Supreme Court issues updated COVID-19 policies and procedures (5-24-21 news release) 
Supreme Court issues administrative order and guidance for jury proceedings (9-4-20 news release)
Supreme Court issues administrative orders, guidance for courts to safely resume jury trials (8-3-20 news release)

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