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Safe use of juries during pandemic

The Kansas Supreme Court issued Administrative Order 2020-PR-054 creating the Ad Hoc Jury Task Force to analyze issues courts will face when jury operations resume in district courts. The task force will study and recommend:

  • ways to conduct jury trials and grand jury proceedings while protecting the safety of participants;

  • how to summon juries while following safety directives;

  • how to explain the process to the public; and

  • other actions to help resume jury operations.

Task force report, recommendations, and resources

REPORT: Resuming Trials Amid COVID-19

Resources for district courts


Districts with approved jury plans

  • 2nd Judicial District (Pottawatomie County)

  • 3rd Judicial District

  • 8th Judicial District 

  • ​10th Judicial District

  • 15th Judicial District (Sherman and Thomas counties)

  • 18th Judicial District

  • 19th Judicial District

  • 20th Judicial District (Barton County)

  • 21st Judicial District

  • 23rd Judicial District (Ellis County)

  • 25th Judicial District (Finney County)

  • 26th Judicial District (Seward County)

  • 27th Judicial District

  • 28th Judicial District

  • 30th Judicial District (Sumner County)

  • ​31st Judicial District

From the National Center for State Courts 

Supreme Court orders and guidance

Supreme Court issues administrative order and guidance for jury proceedings (9-4-20 news release)
Supreme Court issues administrative orders, guidance for courts to safely resume jury trials (8-3-20 news release)

Supreme Court Mandates and Guidance Regarding Resuming Jury Proceedings (updated 9-4-20)

2020-PR-099: District and Appellate Court Operations as of September 4, 2020
2020-PR-093: District and Appellate Court Operations
2020-PR-094: Amended Order Requiring Masks in District and Appellate Courts

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