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12th Judicial District

12th Judicial District

Chief Judge

Kim Cudney - Washington County


District Magistrate Judge

Brian V. Grace - Lincoln County
Debra J.G. Wright - Mitchell County
Guy R. Steier - Cloud County
Kevin L. Phillips - Jewell County
Paul L. Monty - Washington County
Regine Thompson - Republic County


Chief Clerk

Kristi Benyshek - Cloud County


Chief Court Services Officer

Wanda Backstrom - Cloud County

Cloud County District Court

Cloud County Courthouse 811 Washington Suite P Concordia, KS 66901 Phone: 785-243-8124 Fax: 785-243-8188 Clerk of the District Court: Kristi Benyshek
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Jewell County District Court

Jewell County Courthouse 307 N Commercial Mankato, KS 66956 Phone: 785-378-4030 Fax: 785-378-4035 Clerk of the District Court: Dixie L Dethloff
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Lincoln County District Court

Lincoln County Courthouse 216 E Lincoln Avenue Lincoln, KS 67455 Phone: 785-524-4057 Fax: 785-524-3204 Clerk of the District Court: Taylor Lebien
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Mitchell County District Court

Mitchell County Courthouse 115 S Hersey Beloit, KS 67420 Phone: 785-738-3753 Fax: 785-738-4101 Clerk of the District Court: Pam Thiessen
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Republic County District Court

Republic County Courthouse 1815 M Street PO Box 8 Belleville, KS 66935 Phone: 785-527-7234 Fax: 785-527-5029 Clerk of the District Court: Kristen L. Kling
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Washington County District Court

Washington County Courthouse 214 C Street Washington, KS 66968 Phone: 785-325-2381 Fax: 785-325-2557 Clerk of the District Court: Aaron Debes
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