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15th Judicial District

15th Judicial District

Chief Judge

Kevin Berens - Thomas County


District Court Judge

Scott Showalter - Sherman County


District Magistrate Judge

James Schroeder - Rawlins County
John Cahoj - Sheridan County
Mark J. Temaat - Logan County
Paula Keller - Cheyenne County
Richard J. Ress - Thomas County
Steve Unruh - Wallace County


Chief Clerk

Kim Schwarz - Thomas County


Chief Court Services Officer

Kathy Russell - Sherman County

Cheyenne County District Court

Cheyenne County Courthouse PO Box 646 212 E Washington St Francis, KS 67756 Phone: 785-332-8850 Fax: 785-332-8851 Clerk of the District Court: Natalie Stahlecker
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Logan County District Court

Logan County Courthouse 710 W 2nd Oakley, KS 67748 Phone: 785-671-3654 Fax: 785-671-3517 Clerk of the District Court: Sonya Cooksey
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Rawlins County District Court

Rawlins County Courthouse 607 Main #F Atwood, KS 67730 Phone: 785-626-3465 Fax: 785-626-3350 Clerk of the District Court: Wendy Holmdahl
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Sheridan County District Court

Sheridan County Courthouse PO Box 753 925 9th Street Hoxie, KS 67740 Phone: 785-675-3451 Fax: 785-675-2256 Clerk of the District Court: Rhonda White
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Sherman County District Court

Sherman County Courthouse 813 Broadway Room 201 Goodland, KS 67735 Phone: 785-890-4850 Fax: 785-890-4858 Clerk of the District Court: Jacki Waters
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Thomas County District Court

Thomas County Courthouse PO Box 805 300 N Court Colby, KS 67701 Phone: 785-460-4540 Fax: 785-460-2291 Clerk of the District Court: Kim Schwarz
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Wallace County District Court

Wallace County Courthouse PO Box 8 313 Main Sharon Springs, KS 67758 Phone: 785-852-4289 Fax: 785-852-4271 Clerk of the District Court: Rosella Ryser
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