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TOPEKA—Today, the Kansas Supreme Court issued an administrative order giving additional direction to district and appellate court regarding operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Administrative Order 2020-PR-099 amends earlier orders and the court’s Mandates and Guidance Regarding Resuming Jury Proceedings to:

  • Provide that if more specific direction is set out in the order, it controls over guidelines courts are required to follow from other sources.

  • Allow district courts to use engineering adjustments approved by a local health officer when configuring courtrooms for physical distancing.

  • Delete the 12-person limit on venire panels while still requiring district courts to comply with physical distancing and engineering adjustment mandates, and consider measures to reduce group interaction, including staggered venire panels.

For background on today's actions, visit the Ad Hoc Jury Task Force webpage, which describes the safe use of juries during the pandemic. 

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