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The Appellate Case Inquiry System contains the register of actions for cases brought before the Kansas Supreme Court and the Kansas Court of Appeals. The register of actions reflects actions taken by litigants or the courts in real time.

Search appellate cases


Searching cases

You may search by:

  • name

  • appellate case number

  • county where the case originated

Name field

The name field has a 30-character limit. You may use both numbers and letters in the name field. If you enter the name "Smith," your query will retrieve data for records that contain the word "Smith" anywhere in the 700-character case caption field.

If you enter a search phrase, the phrase must be found somewhere within the file exactly as it is entered. If you enter "Richard E. Smith," records for "Richard Smith" will not be retrieved. Likewise, "Richard Smith" will not retrieve "Richard E. Smith."

Capitalization will not affect the search.

If the case involves a juvenile, it likely is filed using the juvenile's initials. You must know the exact case name in order to search the case.

County field

To search by county, select the county name from the dropdown menu. You may search only by county, or you can include the county with a name search. You may search by case number, case name, or county, or a combination of case name with county. You should not include a county when searching by case number. 

Frequently used abbreviations

ADO―appellate defender


CC/CERT OF COMP (C OF C)―certificate of completion
CSR―certified shorthand reporter

DC―district court

EOT―extension of time



OOT―out of time

PET REV―petition for review


SCNOA―Summary Calendar No Oral Argument


X―cross TR.―transcriptionist
X-PET FOR REV―cross-petition for review

Search appellate cases

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