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Supreme Court Dockets

About Supreme Court dockets

The Kansas Supreme Court reserves dates each year on which to consider cases, typically by hearing oral arguments.

When the Supreme Court schedules a case to be considered, it puts the case on a "docket," or a listing of cases for each date the court is in session. Once a docket is filled with cases, it is posted here. 

The docket lists each case to be heard, the time it will be heard, and how much time each side has to make its arguments to the Supreme Court. Attorneys can choose to use some or all of the time allotted, and the Supreme Court may extend time for argument if there are questions from the bench.

The Supreme Court files its decisions with the Clerk of the Appellate Courts weekly, usually on Friday mornings. These decisions are posted on this website within one hour of their release.

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Upcoming dockets

September 12–16, 2022

October 3–4, 2022 (travel docket)

October 24–27, 2022

December 12–16, 2022

January 30–February 3, 2023

March 27–31, 2023

May 2–3, 2023 (travel docket)

May 15–19, 2023

September 11–15, 2023

October 30–November 3, 2023

November 14–15, 2023 (travel docket)

December 11–15, 2023

Recent past dockets

Recent past dockets listed by year.

Past Supreme Court dockets

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