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Parent Ally Orientation Program

When a child is placed in state custody and is part of child in need of care hearings in court, parents can designate up to two people to serve as parent allies to the child or children involved.

Parent ally orientation 

A judicial district may allow up to two people designated by parents whose child or children are subject to child in need of care hearings, provided the parents' designees have participated in the parent ally orientation program approved by the judicial administrator.

The orientation program covers:

  • Confidentiality of proceedings;

  • The child and parent's right to counsel;

  • Definitions and jurisdiction of the Kansas code for care of children;

  • The types and purposes of the hearings;

  • Options for informal supervision and dispositions;

  • Placement options;

  • The parents' obligation to financially support the child while the child is in the state's custody;

  • Obligations of the Kansas Department for Children and Families;

  • Obligations of organizations contracting with the Kansas Department for Children and Families for family preservation, foster care, and adoption;

  • The termination of parental rights;

  • The procedures for appeals; and

  • The basic rules regarding court procedure.


Orientation program

The Office of Judicial Administration developed an electronic program for judicial districts to use for parent ally orientation. The orientation program introduces participants to the basic concepts of the child in need of care process, including requirements for confidentiality, placement options, an explanation of what the parent ally is and is not permitted to do, and more. At the end of the 40-minute program, a written "acknowledgment of participation" form is printed with the person's name and county of residence.

To complete the orientation program, contact:

Amy Raymond


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