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eFiling Updates and Attorney documentation for Kansas courts

We provide guidance to users when we make changes that affect how you use the Kansas Courts eFiling system.

ALERT: As of June 1, 2023 all efiled documents must be in PDF file format.

You must have a TOGA wallet account to pay filing fees in these courts when they begin operating on the Kansas eCourt case management system on April 3, 2023:

  • 3rd Judicial District: Shawnee County

  • 7th Judicial District: Douglas County

  • ​29th Judicial District: Wyandotte County

For a full list of courts operating on the Kansas eCourt case management system, visit Kansas eCourt Courts

Attorney documentation for Kansas eCourt courts

Odyssey Attorney Doc List ODY Updated April 10, 2023
Odyssey TOGA Wallet Account Instructions Updated April 10, 2023
Rule 111 - Form of Filing Generally
Odyssey Case Number Format for Cases Created in Odyssey Updated April 10, 2023

Odyssey Case Types and Fees and Document Fees Updated April 10, 2023
Odyssey eFiling a New Limited Actions Case or Transfer Pre-Judgment Updated April 10, 2023
Odyssey eFiling Review and Approve Filings Page Updated April 10, 2023

Odyssey Party Roles for eFiling Updated April 10, 2023
Odyssey Probate Filing Fees ODY Updated April 10, 2023
Certificate of Compliance - Updated July 29, 2019

Filing Charges - Updated September 20, 2019
Case Types viewable in Public Portal and Courthouse Kiosk - Updated November 8, 2019
Public Portal and Courthouse Kiosk Terminal Smart Search - Updated November 8, 2019

District court

District Court Attorney Document List - Updated May 7, 2018
CitePay Wallet Account Instructions - Updated July 12, 2019
Rule 111 - Form of Filing Generally​
eFlex Filing Fees for New Cases – June 20, 2017

eFlex Filing Fees for Documents on Existing Cases – June 20, 2017
Hints and Tips – March 28, 2017
2017 Kansas Probate Filing Fees – Updated February 10, 2017

Civil: Data Entry Rules for Filers
Criminal: Data Entry Rules for Filers

District Court Electronic Filing (PowerPoint)
Certificate of Compliance - Updated July 29, 2019
Filing Charges - Updated September 20, 2019


Appellate court

Appellate Court Documents List
Civil Appellate Electronic Filing (PowerPoint)
District/County Attorney Numbers for Filing to the Appellate Courts
File Docketing Documents in This Order


General updates

Agency Numbers For Filing to the Appellate/District Courts - Updated September 6, 2022

Find a District Court

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