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Guidance for attorneys and self-represented litigants

The Kansas judicial branch experienced a security incident that disrupted the information systems on which state courts operate.

Q: When will I be able to search court case information?

A: The Kansas District Court Public Access Portal is back online. Due to the October 12 cybersecurity incidentportal information is temporarily out of date.  

Q: Can I provide service by email?  

A: Administrative Order 2023-RL-077 adopts a temporary rule that sets parameters for service by email. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of pages in a filing I submit by fax? 

A: Administrative Order 2023-CC-074 supersedes Supreme Court Rules 119 and 1.08. Fax machine capacity can vary by location. Contact the court where you plan to file to ask about page limits.

Q: Will the clerk take care of getting service paperwork to the sheriff’s office?  

A: No. Just like in eFlex, attorneys are responsible for getting a file-stamped copy for service from the clerk’s office to take to the sheriff’s office. 

Q: How do I get a judge’s signature on a proposed order? 

A: First, include an actual signature line and the judge’s name on the proposed order that needs a signature. Then either fax, mail, or hand deliver it to the court clerk office. If you would like a file-stamped copy returned to you, provide an extra copy for the clerk. 

Q: Can I file by fax?

A: Yes. Administrative Order 2023-CC-074 states that all parties are allowed to file by facsimile while the order is in effect. The only exception is when a payment must be made with the filing. 

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Q: I usually complete service through eFlex. How will that work?

A: Include a certificate of service with every document you file.

Q: I've never drafted a certificate of service on paper. Is there an example?

A: Sample certificates of service are in the forms section of Kansas Judicial Council website. The certificate of service is on the last page.

Q: Will judges have copies of filings?

A: Send the judge courtesy copies of recently filed motions, responses, or documents that are relevant to your hearing.

Q: I sent a motion through efiling last week. Does the court have it?

A: If you don't have a file stamped copy of a document, give a paper copy to the clerk's office for filing.

Q: I sent an order to the judge last week. Did it get signed?

A: Contact the judge's office to ask if it was signed. If it wasn't, take a paper copy to the judge for review.

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