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Portal Information After Cybersecurity Incident

Courts are working to bring portal information up to date.

Portal information temporarily out of date

Kansas courts experienced a security incident October 12. Courts could not access electronic case information as a result. This included the Kansas eCourt case management system that shares information with a portal accessed through the Kansas District Court Courthouse Terminal, or computers in district courts, and the Kansas District Court Public Access Portal. 

Visit Status of District Court Restoration to find out which courts have finished updating the Kansas eCourt case management system with new cases and documents filed while the system was offline. The page also lists which courts are operating on the Kansas eCourt case management system and the Kansas Courts eFiling system. 

Patience, please 

Courts reverted to paper processes following the security incident. It will take time for courts to add case events and documents to the case management system that feeds information to the district court case information portal. 

Case information  

Case information in the portal is not current. It will take time for courts to add and update cases with information processed October 12 and after.  

If a case existed prior to October 12, you may search it on the portal. However, the register of actions may not show actions or documents processed October 12 or after. Courts are adding case events and documents now to bring information up to date. 

If a case was initiated after October 12, you will not be able to search it through the portal until the court adds it.

Payment information  

You may use the portal to make a payment on your case. Your payment will be logged when you make it. 

The portal is now up to date with payments processed October 12 and after.  

If you have questions 

If you have questions about payments, contact: 

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

Central Payment Center 

More information 

For more information, visit Court systems security incident.  

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