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Rule 7.06

Rule 7.06: Rehearing or Modification in Supreme Court

Section Appellate Practice
(a)   Motion for Rehearing or Modification. A motion for rehearing or modification in a case decided by the Supreme Court may be served and filed no later than 21 days after the decision is filed. A copy of the court’s opinion must be attached to the motion.

(b)   Effect of Motion. A motion for rehearing or modification stays the issuance of the mandate pending determination of the issues raised by the motion.

(c)   If Motion for Rehearing Is Granted. If a motion for rehearing is granted, the order suspends the effect of the original decision until the matter is decided on rehearing.

[History: Am. effective September 30, 1991; Am. effective February 8, 1994; Restyled rule and amended effective July 1, 2012.]

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