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Become an Interpreter

Become a foreign language court interpreter

If you want to interpret in a specific Kansas court, contact the local language access coordinator for the judicial district in which that district court is located.  

To work as a sign language court interpreter, contact the Kansas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.



The district court judge is responsible for determining whether a foreign language court interpreter is qualified using criteria described by state statute

Foreign language interpreters must sign an acknowledgment and agreement form stating the interpreter has received and reviewed a copy of the Kansas Code of Professional Responsibility for Court Interpreters and agrees to adhere to it. The completed form must be sent to the local language access coordinator.

The Kansas judicial branch does not currently offer court interpreter certification, but a free, online court interpreter orientation is in development.  


Court interpreter payment 

The county in which the court interpretation occurs pays the court interpreter. Payment varies by county.


Interpreter resources  

The National Center for State Courts provides resources for foreign language court interpreters, including legal glossaries and dictionaries. 


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