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TOPEKA—The 31st Judicial District Nominating Commission has selected Zelda Schlotterbeck to fill a district magistrate judge vacancy in Woodson County.

Schlotterbeck's new position will be effective on her swearing-in. She currently serves as Woodson County Attorney. 

The 31st Judicial District is composed of Allen, Neosho, Wilson, and Woodson counties.

District magistrate judge appointment process

To be considered for district magistrate judge, a nominee must be:

  • a resident of Woodson County at the time of taking office and while holding office;

  • a graduate of a high school, a secondary school, or the equivalent; and

  • either a lawyer admitted to practice in Kansas or able to pass an examination to become certified within 18 months.

The nominating commission selects whom to appoint to fill district magistrate judge positions.

Term of office

After serving one year in office, the new district magistrate judge must stand for a retention vote in the next general election to remain in the position. If retained, the incumbent will serve a four-year term.

Nominating commission

The 31st Judicial District Nominating Commission consists of Justice Evelyn Wilson as the nonvoting chair; David Clark and Mark Lair, Chanute; Nancy Burns and John Chenoweth, Fredonia; Douglas Depew, Neodesha; Craig Mentzer, Neosho Falls; Shelia Lampe, Piqua; and Donald Greg Taylor, Stark.

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