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File a Complaint Against a Judge

Complaints about judges are investigated by the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Complaints against a judge

If you believe a judge has violated Supreme Court Rules Relating to Judicial Conduct, you may file a complaint with the Commission on Judicial Conduct. The commission investigates complaints it receives, and it can also investigate judicial misconduct on its own. 

The commission is not an appellate court and cannot review, reverse, or modify a legal decision made by a judge in a court proceeding.

Before you file

Read the Supreme Court rules relating to judicial conduct to determine whether a Kansas judge has violated any of the judicial canons.

Search for Rules Relating to Judicial Conduct

Read a brochure that describes the functions of the commission and what the commission may and may not do:

Commisson on Judicial Conduct brochure


Complaint form

You may use the fillable form, Complaint Against a Judge, to make your complaint, or you may request an informational packet that includes a complaint form be mailed to you. 

Complaint Against a Judge fillable form

Request an informational packet


Completing the complaint form

  • Use the complaint form to provide all facts and circumstances you believe constitute judicial misconduct or disability.

  • Attach to the complaint form any relevant documents that directly support your claim. Highlight or identify the sections you rely on to support your claim. Do not include documents that do not directly support or relate to the complaint. Example: Do not submit a copy of your entire court file.

  • If you are using the fillable form, Complaint Against a Judge, use your tab key to advance from one answer box to the next. Type your information in the blanks provided, some of which have multiline capability. The tab key will move you from box to box, while the enter key will add additional lines.

  • If you prefer, you may print the complaint form and complete it by hand, as long as your handwriting is legible. 

​Submit your complaint form

You may submit your completed, signed complaint form with supporting documents by U.S. mail or email to:

Commission on Judicial Conduct
Kansas Judicial Center
301 SW 10th Ave., Room 115
Topeka KS 66612-1507

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