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Court of Appeals Dockets

The Kansas Court of Appeals meets nearly every month to review appeals. When a case is accepted, it is placed on a docket.

About dockets

The Kansas Court of Appeals reserves certain dates each year on which to consider cases. When the Court of Appeals schedules a case to be considered, it puts the case on a docket.

The Court of Appeals typically sits in panels of three judges. 

The Court of Appeals may schedule special settings as needed.

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November 15-18, 2021  

Before Bruns, PJ, Green and Isherwood, JJ
November 15, 2021, by videoconference 

Before Gardner, PJ, Schroeder and Cline, JJ
November 16, 2021, by videoconference

Before Powell, PJ, Atcheson, J, and Walker, SJ
November 17, 2021, by videoconference

Before Arnold-Burger, CJ, Malone, J, and Burgess, SJ
November 18, 2021, Summary Calendar - no oral argument

January 10-13, 2022

Before Schroeder, PJ, Bruns and Warner, JJ
January 10, 2022, by videoconference 

Before Cline, PJ, Green, J, and McAnany, SJ
January 11, 2022, by videoconference

Before Malone, PJ, Powell and Isherwood, JJ
January 12, 2022, by videoconference

Before Atcheson, PJ, Hill and Gardner, JJ
January 13, 2022, by videoconference

February 7-10, 2022

Before Warner, PJ, Cline, J, and Pickering, DJ
February 7, 2022, by videoconference 

Before Green, PJ, Atcheson and Hurst, JJ
February 8, 2022, by videoconference

Before Bruns, PJ, Malone, J, and Walker, SJ
February 9, 2022, by videoconference

Before Powell, PJ, Schroeder, J., and Burgess, SJ
February 10, 2022, by videoconference

Before Gardner, PJ, Hill and Isherwood, JJ
February 10, 2022, by videoconference


Future Dockets

March 7-10, 2022
April 4-7, 2022
May 9-12, 2022
June 13-16, 2022
July 11-14, 2022
August 15-18, 2022
September 19-22, 2022
October 17-18, 2022
November 14-17, 2022 

Recent past dockets

Past dockets from this year and last year. 

Recent Court of Appeals dockets

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