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Supreme Court Task Force on Permanency Planning


The Supreme Court Task Force on Permanency Planning is a multidisciplinary committee that advises the court on ways to improve the care of children who are under jurisdiction of the court. Its responsibilities include: 

  • developing and implementing a strategic plan for child welfare oversight; 

  • collaborating with district courts, the Kansas Department for Children and Families, and Native American tribes in Kansas; 

  • developing and implementing statewide child welfare training; and 

  • reviewing federally funded child and family services. 


  • Chief District Judge Jeffry Larson, 5th Judicial District, chair

  • Judge Kathryn Gardner, Kansas Court of Appeals

  • Judge Kellie Hogan, 18th Judicial District 

  • Chief District Judge Amy Harth, 6th Judicial District

  • District Judge Jane Wilson, 29th Judicial District

  • District Magistrate Judge Laura Vier, 8th Judicial District

  • District Magistrate Judge Timothy Woods, 25th Judicial District

  • District Magistrate Judge Kevin Kimball, 4th Judicial District

  • Kristin Powell, Wichita

  • Caitlyn Eakin, Great Bend

  • Morgan Hall, attorney, Topeka

  • ​Chris Halbert, attorney

  • Kristina Scott 

  • Vicki Ford, court services officer

  • Grant Brazill, attorney, Wichita

  • Cara Rapp

  • Vivien Olson, attorney, Topeka

  • Todd Heitschmidt, 28th Judicial District

  • Heather Alwin

  • Brian Dempsey, attorney, Topeka

  • Lori Libel



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