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The Language Access Committee makes recommendations to the Supreme Court regarding the development of the language access program. The goal of the program is to further accessibility to the Kansas courts for people with limited English proficiency.


  • Oscar Marino, court interpreter, Lawrence

  • Maura Miller, court interpreter, Overland Park

  • District Judge Teresa Watson, 3rd Judicial District

  • District Magistrate Judge Erich Campbell, 2nd Judicial District

  • Tabitha D.R. Owen, county attorney, Smith County

  • District Judge Richard Marquez, 25th Judicial District

  • District Magistrate Judge Korina Wedel, 25th Judicial District

  • Chief District Judge Clinton Peterson, 26th Judicial District

  • Judge Lesley Isherwood, Kansas Court of Appeals

  • Steven Crossland, court administrator, 1st Judicial District

  • Lundy Settle, court administrator, 20th Judicial District

  • David J. Grummon, attorney, Kansas City


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