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Small Claims Information

Small claims court is for simple cases to recover money or property worth less than $4,000.

You cannot be represented by a lawyer in small claims.

No person can file more than 20 small claims cases in one calendar year.

The sheriff's office charges a $15 fee to personally serve a summons.

The filing fees for a small claims case are listed on the Docket Fees page on this website.

Filing a small claims case:

  • Go to the clerk of the district court office in the county where the defendant resides or go to the Forms section on this website and obtain or print a Small Claims Petition.

  • You will need the name and address of the person being sued. You will need to provide a street address if requesting personal service so the person can be legally served with the summons.

  • Take the completed petition to the clerk of the district court office. You will need to take the original petition and a copy for each person you are suing.

  • The clerk will process the petition and set a trial date for your case.

  • You will need to pay the filing fee and the sheriff's fee at the time of filing.

Find more information about Small Claims on the Kansas judicial branch website.

Note: The district court clerk's office is prohibited by law from giving any legal advice.

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