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Rule 1.01

Prefatory Rule

Section Appellate Practice
(a)   Statutory References. In these rules, a reference to a statute includes any subsequent amendment to the statute.

(b)   Judicial Council Forms.

(1)   Location. Judicial council forms referenced in these rules may be found at the judicial council’s website:

(2)   Amendments. Except as otherwise provided, judicial council forms referenced in these rules may be amended as follows:

(A)   Supreme Court approval is required for:

(i)   a new form; or

(ii)   deletion or amendment of an existing form.

(B)   The Judicial Council may add, modify, or delete material appended to a form, including Authority, Notes on Use, and Comments.

(c)   The Clerk. The clerk of the Supreme Court is clerk of the Court of Appeals and is referred to in these rules as “the clerk of the appellate courts.”

(d)   Applicability. Unless otherwise indicated, the rules numbered 1.01 through 11.01 apply to both civil and criminal appeals and govern procedure in both the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

[History: Am. effective May 14, 1987; Am. effective February 8, 1994; Am. effective July 1, 1997; (f), (g), and (h) repealed effective July 1, 2005; Restyled rule and amended effective July 1, 2012; Am. effective April 24, 2013; Am. effective August 28, 2017.]

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