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Rule 1002

Non-Media Use of Electronic Devices in Judicial Proceedings

Section Media Coverage
(a)   Prohibited Use of Electronic Devices. Any electronic device, including a cell phone, smart phone, laptop, or still or video camera, must be turned off in the courtroom unless prior written permission of the presiding judge or justice has been obtained. An electronic device must be put away and out of sight in the courtroom, unless use of the device is permitted by subsection (b) or authorized by the presiding judge or justice under this subsection.

(b)   Permissible Use of Electronic Devices. Court personnel, counsel of record, and unrepresented parties appearing before the court may use a smart phone, laptop, or tablet computer during a court proceeding if the sound is off, no disruption occurs, and that person is sitting in a designated area. Notwithstanding the foregoing, an electronic device must not be used for oral communication during a court proceeding, except under Rule 145.

(c)   Confiscation. Violating this rule may result in the device being confiscated during the remainder of the proceeding.

[History: New rule effective June 12, 2013.]           

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