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Rule 302


Section Court Reporters
The Supreme Court will appoint Board members. The Board will consist of no more than nine members and will have at least two judges of the district court, two attorneys engaged in the active practice of law, and one official reporter of the district court. Each appointment is for a three-year term. The Supreme Court will appoint a new member to fill a vacancy on the Board occurring during a term. A new member appointed to fill a vacancy serves the unexpired term of the previous member. No member may serve more than three consecutive three-year terms, except that a member initially appointed to serve an unexpired term may serve three consecutive three-year terms thereafter. If any reporter or judge ceases to hold office, that person’s membership on the Board terminates.

[History: Am. effective September 5, 1991; Am. effective July 28, 1995; Am. effective July 1, 2012; Am. effective July 1, 2020.]

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