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Rule 1.08

Fax Filing

Section Appellate Practice
(a)   Limitation on Use of Fax Filing. An attorney subject to mandatory electronic filing under Supreme Court Rule 1.14 cannot utilize fax filing.

(b)   10-Page Limit. A motion, pleading, or other document that does not require a filing fee will be accepted for filing by fax if the document, together with any supporting documentation, does not exceed 10 pages. Briefs and petitions for review may not be filed by fax. The fax transmission sheet required by subsection (d) and the certificate of service are not included in the 10-page limitation.

(c)   No Page Limit Using Fax Filing Agency. A party may transmit a document by fax to a fax filing agency, without page limitation, for filing with an appellate court.

(d)   Fax Transmission Sheet. A document transmitted by fax must include a fax transmission sheet on the judicial council form.

(e)   Copies. Only one copy of a document must be transmitted. The clerk of the appellate courts will provide any additional copies required by these rules.

(f)   When a Fax Filing is Deemed Filed. A fax filing received by the court is deemed filed at the time recorded on the court’s electronic fax log.

(g)   Fax Signature. A fax signature has the same effect as an original signature.

(h)   Certificate of Service. A certificate of service for a fax filing must state the date of service and the fax numbers of both the sender and any party served by fax.

[History: New rule effective January 1, 1993; Restyled rule and amended effective July 1, 2012; Am. effective December 19, 2016.]

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