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Rule 308


Section Court Reporters
(a)   Notes may be taken by stenographic or voice writing machine. Each applicant must state the system the applicant uses in taking notes and demonstrate that the applicant follows the principles of the system with sufficient accuracy that other persons who use the same system can read the notes readily. Applicants must write from dictation at speeds of 180 words per minute (medical testimony, two voices), 200 words per minute (solid matter, one voice), and 225 words per minute (ordinary testimony, two voices) and transcribe therefrom as may be determined by the Board. Each dictation segment must be transcribed at 95% accuracy or better with no more than 45 errors at 180 words per minute, 50 errors at 200 words per minute, and 57 errors at 225 words per minute. Each dictation segment will be five minutes in duration. Applicants must furnish their own equipment and materials.

(b)   Applicants must be examined by written examination and obtain a score of at least 70% with respect to their knowledge of the duties of a court reporter, court procedure, and general legal terminology.

(c)   Speed and accuracy in taking, transcribing, and reading notes will be the chief basis of the test, but the Board will also consider punctuation, spelling, and style of transcribing and general education.

(d)   Any certificate holder who desires certification in a system of verbatim reporting different than the system in which the reporter has already been certified by the Board must, prior to employing that system in the courts of this state, submit an application to the Office of Judicial Administration on a form prescribed by the Board, asking permission to take an examination for certification in that system. The application must be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee of $125. No certificate will be valid for any system of verbatim reporting other than that for which it is issued.

[History: Am. effective September 5, 1991; Am. effective January 3, 2006; Am. effective July 1, 2020.]

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