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Rule 1.02

Rule 1.02: Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals

Section Appellate Practice
(a)   Designation. The Supreme Court will designate a chief judge of the Court of Appeals.

(b)   Chief Judge’s Administrative Powers. The chief judge of the Court of Appeals has the following administrative powers:

(1)   to designate and number hearing panels, assign judges to the panels, and designate the presiding judge of each panel of which the chief judge is not a member;

(2)   to assign cases for hearing and determination to panels designated under paragraph (1);

(3)   to designate the time and place for the hearing of each case—at any place within the state as provided in K.S.A. 20-3013—taking into consideration where the case arose and the relative convenience and expense of the parties, court, and counsel;

(4)   to designate a judge to conduct a prehearing conference when the court has ordered one to be held before a single judge under Rule 1.04;

(5)   to establish—after consultation with the other members of the court—internal operating procedures for the orderly handling of the court’s business and the fair distribution of work among its members; and

(6)   to perform any other necessary administrative duty not otherwise provided for by statute or supreme court rule.

[History: Am. effective February 8, 1994; Restyled rule and amended effective July 1, 2012.]

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