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Rule 704

Application Fees

Section Attorney Admission
(a)   Each applicant shall pay application processing fees for each of the following, which fees may not be waived and shall not be refunded, except as provided in section (d) below:

(1)   Legal intern under Rule 719: $50.

(2)   Temporary permit to practice law under Rule 710: $100.

(3)   Admission to the bar upon written examination under Rule 709: $700.

(4)   Admission to the bar by transfer of Uniform Bar Examination score under Rule 709A: $1250.

(5)   Admission to the bar without written examination under Rule 708: $1250.

(6)   Restricted license to practice law under Rule 712: $1250.

(7)   Temporary Restricted license to practice law under Rule 712A: $1250.

(8)   Reapplication for an individual whose application to take the bar examination has been previously denied for failure to establish good moral character or mental and emotional fitness: $1250.

(b)   The amount of the fee for each of the foregoing categories shall be that established by order of the Supreme Court and may be changed from time to time. Applicants shall be advised as to the amount of the fees then applicable upon inquiry to the Office of Judicial Administration.

(c)   Applicant fees shall constitute a fund to be known as the bar admission fee fund. Disbursements for compensation and expenses in connection with the duties of the Review Committee or the Board shall be from this fund. By order of the Supreme Court any unused balance in the bar admission fee fund may be applied to such appropriate usage as shall be determined by the Supreme Court.

(d)   Any applicant who is unable to take a bar examination due to active military service may receive a refund of the application processing fee, on request.

[History: New rule effective July 1, 2009; Am. (c) effective February 3, 2014; Am. (a) effective April 2, 2015; Am. (a) effective August 31, 2016; Am. (b) effective January 24, 2020.]

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