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Rule 206; 800-811

Attorney Registration and Continuing Legal Education

Section Comment Period Closed

The Kansas Supreme Court accepted public comment on proposed amendments to Rule 206:
Attorney Registration and Rules 800-811: Rules Relating to Continuing Legal Education.

Generally, the court restyled and retooled the rules to align with other Supreme Court rules. Amendments are shown using strikethrough for deletion and underlining for new language.

Amendments to Rule 206 include:

  • Rule 206(q), which adds language to address confidentiality of records.

​​Amendments to Rule 800-811 include:

  • Rule 805(a)(2) and Rule 805(c)(6). Removes the distinction between an in-house CLE program and any other live program.

  • Rule 806 (a)(1)(A). Allows providers to report live in-person attendance electronically.

  • Rule 809 and Rule 810. Clarifies the noncompliance and suspension process and revises language to match the electronic notice provisions in Rule 206.

​Comment ended Monday, June 6, 2022. 

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