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Rule 801 through 811 and 206

Rules Relating to Continuing Legal Education and Discipline of Attorneys: Attorney Registration

Section Comment Period Closed

The Kansas Supreme Court accepted public comment on proposed amendments to:

  • Rules 800-811: Rules Relating to Continuing Legal Education; and

  • Rule 206: Rules Relating to Discipline of Attorneys: Attorney Registration.

The amendments are related to ongoing administrative restructuring within the Kansas judicial branch to achieve operational and organizational efficiencies. The changes will not affect the excellent level of service members of the bar have come to expect.

Generally, these rules have been restyled and retooled to align with other Supreme Court Rules.

Additional amendments:

  • combine the annual continuing legal education fee with the annual attorney registration fee so attorneys are able to make one payment instead of two;

  • move provisions related to the Kansas Continuing Legal Education Board to its own rule;

  • delete prior version of Rule 808: Fees; and

  • provide proper cross-references between Rules 800-811 and Rule 206.

Comment closed noon Thursday, March 4, 2021. 

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