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TOPEKA—Officials in the Office of Judicial Administration announced today that courts in the 13th Judicial District will be brought onto a new centralized case management system November 1.

The 13th Judicial District is composed of Butler, Elk, and Greenwood counties.

Kelly O’Brien, chief information officer and project director, said a detailed schedule for the district’s transition to the new system will be released next week. 

“Our schedule will describe how the transition affects court operations and court users, but the disruption will be minimal,” O’Brien said. “We will get the information out as quickly as we can so people who rely on these courts can plan.”

Courts already using new case management system

The centralized case management system is currently used by courts in 23 counties in east-central and southeast Kansas:

  • 4th Judicial District (Anderson, Coffey, Franklin, and Osage counties);

  • 6th Judicial District (Bourbon, Linn, and Miami counties);

  • 8th Judicial District (Dickinson, Geary, Marion, and Morris counties);

  • 11th Judicial District (Cherokee, Crawford, and Labette counties);

  • 14th Judicial District (Chautauqua and Montgomery counties);

  • 19th Judicial District (Cowley County);

  • 21st Judicial District (Clay and Riley counties); and

  • 31st Judicial District (Allen, Neosho, Wilson, and Woodson counties).

System is key to eCourt plan

The centralized case management system is a key component in the Supreme Court’s eCourt plan. Its implementation in courts statewide will allow district and appellate case data to reside on a single web-based platform, transforming the way the state court system serves the people of Kansas.

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