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TOPEKA—Courts in the 8th and 21st Judicial Districts will not accept electronic filings and electronic payments from 5 p.m. October 28 to noon October 29.

Track 1 courts

The judicial districts are known collectively as “Track 1” in the Kansas eCourt Statewide Rollout Plan to move all state court case data to a single web-based platform. They are:

  • 8th Judicial District (Dickinson, Geary, Marion, and Morris counties); and

  • 21st Judicial District (Clay and Riley counties).

Track 1 courts adopted the new centralized case management system in August 2019. The courts will go offline while data from courts in Track 3 is added to the case management system. 

Electronic processes affected

The courts in both judicial districts will be open and operating during regular business hours, but their electronic filing and electronic payment systems will be turned off at 5 p.m. Wednesday, October 28. 

Courts will be open and operating during regular business hours Thursday, October 29, but they will only accept paper filed documents from attorneys. Self-represented litigants may file on paper or by fax. 

The courts will continue to accept payments throughout this period, as long as they are made in cash or by paper check.

Electronic processes resume

Once data from Track 3 courts is added to the case management system, electronic processes in Track 1 courts will resume. This is expected at noon Thursday, October 29.

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