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TOPEKA—The Kansas Supreme Court today issued Administrative Order 2020-RL-027 to temporarily allow file-stamped copies of documents to be used when docketing an appeal instead of certified copies normally required under Supreme Court Rule 2.04.
“The appellate courts continue to process cases, even though we are on emergency operations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Chief Justice Marla Luckert. “By allowing file-stamped copies of documents to be used to docket appeals, we are making it easier for the parties and for district courts that would provide those certified copies.”
All state courts have been on emergency operations since the Supreme Court issued Administrative Order 2020-PR-016 March 18. The administrative order lists emergency operations that courts must perform while the order is in place.
All courts continue to accept filings in all case types, but priority is given to filings in matters that are on the list of emergency operations. Courts process filings in matters not considered emergency operations as time and staffing allow.
“Kansas courts continue to serve the people of Kansas, even though we had to restrict services to protect the health of our judges, our employees, and the people who come into our courthouses,” Luckert said. “We are taking actions to make it easier to process cases until we can resume normal operations. Temporarily allowing file-stamped copies to be used to docket an appeal is one example.”
The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals encourage parties to continue to meet filing deadlines, even while Administrative Order 2020-PR-016 is in place.
“It’s better to keep cases moving, even at a slower pace, than to stop them until the need for restricted operations has passed,” Luckert said.

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