March 2020 News Releases

Supreme Court issues administrative order to allow file-stamped copies when docketing an appeal

TOPEKA—The Kansas Supreme Court today issued Administrative Order 2020-RL-027 to temporarily allow file-stamped copies of documents to be used when docketing an appeal instead of certified copies normally required under

Supreme Court issues order to clarify emergency operations by state courts

TOPEKA—The Kansas Supreme Court released Administrative Order 2020-PR-024 today to clarify the emergency operations imposed by earlier administrative orders.

Previous orders had allowed courts to enter emergency protection from abuse and protection from stalking ...

State courts on emergency operations until further order

TOPEKA—The Kansas Supreme Court today issued Administrative Order 2020-PR-016 directing all district and appellate courts to cease all but emergency operations until further order.

The only exception is jury trials that are currently under ...

Kansas Court of Appeals cancels oral arguments in March, April

Court of Appeals Chief Judge Karen Arnold-BurgerTOPEKA—The Kansas Court of Appeals has canceled oral arguments in March and April.

The ...

Kansas Supreme Court restricts Judicial Center access, cancels March oral arguments

TOPEKA—The Kansas Supreme Court issued Administrative Order 2020-PR-015 restricting access to the Kansas Judicial Center; outlining a self-quarantine policy for employees and judges; and canceling travel, conferences, and training organized by or ...

Supreme Court cancels April events in Concordia

TOPEKA—The Kansas Supreme Court has canceled a hearing and associated events scheduled for April 7 and 8 in Concordia in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The members of the court regret that we must postpone our planned April visit to Concordia, but we believe we have adopted the prudent public health course in the middle ...

Administrative order issued concerning COVID-19

TOPEKA—The Kansas Supreme Court today issued an administrative order outlining Kansas judicial branch policy in response to the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The order is 2020-PR-013.

The order outlines:

  • anticipated personnel issues;

  • notices to the public; andcontinuity of operations plans.


Judge Mike Ward to retire from 13th Judicial District, accept senior judge status

District Judge Mike WardTOPEKA—District Judge Mike Ward will retire March 7 from the 13th Judicial District but then begin work as a senior judge for the Kansas judicial branch.

"It has been my great honor ...