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TOPEKA—The Kansas Supreme Court reappointed Doni Mooberry and Michelle Slinkard to the Kansas Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee.

Mooberry is a Lawrence lawyer. Slinkard is a Topeka lawyer. They will serve terms that began July 1 and end June 30, 2024.

The Supreme Court also appointed District Judge Keven O'Grady to complete an unexpired term that will end June 30, 2022, and appointed him to chair the committee. O'Grady serves in the 10th Judicial District, which is Johnson County.

Kansas Child Support Guidelines are rules judges and hearing officers follow to decide how much child support each parent is to pay toward raising their children. At the most basic level, they guide parents to create a fair and balanced distribution of resources essential to raising children: time and money.

Federal law requires every state's child support guidelines be reviewed every four years, and it takes about two years to conduct the review. The 13-member Kansas Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee oversees this work. The committee includes parents who either pay or receive child support, and attorneys, judges, and tax professionals with expertise in child support.

The most recently updated guidelines went into effect January 1, 2020.

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