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Attorney Registration

Online registration portal 

Annual registration fees are due by June 30 of each year for the period July 1 through June 30. There is a $150 late fee. 

Attorney Registration Portal 
Supreme Court order 2021-FN-035: Annual Registration Fees

Attorney directory

Check the status of a Kansas attorney. The directory lists all attorneys and their current status. You may also ask for an attorney's status by phone or email. 

Kansas Supreme Court Attorney Directory 

Attorney Registration

Change registration status 

To change your status to active or reinstate from a suspension, contact the Attorney Registration office for instructions and forms to complete.  

To change to inactive or retired status during the current licensing period, you must provide in writing the change of status and include your name, signature, and bar number.

Email the letter to or mail the the letter to:

Kansas Supreme Court
Attention: Attorney Registration
Kansas Judicial Center
301 SW 10th Ave., Room 117
Topeka, KS 66612-1507.

To be relieved of the CLE requirement for the current year and pay the lower fee for inactive or no fee for retired status for the next licensing period, your request must be received no later than June 30.

You can also change to inactive or retired status when you submit your annual registration online. The change will not be effective until July 1, and you will still be required to complete the annual CLE requirement for the current year by June 30 if you are currently on active status. Status changes submitted online when registering must be completed by June 30. If it is submitted after June 30, you will have to pay the registration fee and late fee based on your status as of July 1.

Supreme Court Rule 206: Attorney Registration

Update address and contact information

Every registered Kansas attorney must notify the attorney registration office within 30 days of changes to any of the following:

  • legal name;

  • residential or business address;

  • email address;

  • business telephone number; or

  • residence or personal telephone number.

Log on to the attorney registration portal to update your business name, addresses, and other contact information. Updates to insurance, trust account, state memberships, and nominating commission eligibility selection can also be submitted through the portal. Changes to preferred addresses are automatically forwarded to Kansas CLE and the U.S. District Court of Kansas.

Attorney Registration Portal 

Request a certificate of good standing

To request a certificate of good standing, send your name, attorney registration number, and mailing address to Certificates are mailed within two business days. Electronic certificates are not available. There is no charge for the certificate. 

Report professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance is not required but must be reported if an attorney carries it.  Log on to the attorney registration portal to provide the insurance carrier and address.  This information is a matter of public record through the attorney registration office.

Supreme Court Rule 207: Mandatory Disclosure of Professional Liability Insurance

Nominating commission eligibility

Kansas attorneys must be listed on a certified roster to nominate or be nominated in any election, or to serve as a member of any nominating commission. To view or change your eligibility selection, log on to the attorney registration portal.



Attorney Registration
Kansas Judicial Center
301 SW 10th Ave., Room 117
Topeka, KS 66612-1507


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