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Kansas Bar Admission

Admission process 

You may be admitted to practice law in Kansas through a process controlled by the Kansas Supreme Court outlined in Kansas Supreme Court rules. 

You can become a licensed attorney in Kansas through:

Eligibility requirements

Character and fitness

Before you can be admitted to the Kansas bar or receive a temporary permit to practice, you must prove good moral character and mental and emotional fitness to practice law actively and continuously.

Fingerprint waiver

You must submit your fingerprints with your application so a criminal background check can be conducted as part of the character and fitness process. You must also submit a completed Waiver Agreement and FBI Privacy Statement with your fingerprints.

Your fingerprints and waiver affidavit must be filed before we will process your application. You may file it up to one year before your application is submitted.

Apply for admission

You must provide complete and accurate responses to all questions throughout the admissions process. If there is an event that would change your answer to any question on the application, you are required to report it within five days of the event. The obligation continues until you are admitted under Rule 726.

Legal Intern Application
Examination Application 
UBE Score Transfer Application
Temporary Permit Application
Motion Application 
Military Spouse Application 
Restricted License Single Employer Application
Testing Accomodations Application 

Rules relating to attorney admissions

Bar exam

The February bar exam is given on the last Tuesday and Wednesday in Febraury in Topeka.
The July bar exam is given on the last Tuesday and Wednesday in July in Topeka.


Kansas Attorney Admissions Office
Kansas Judicial Center
301 SW 10th Ave., 1st Floor
Topeka, KS 66612-1507

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