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About dispute resolution providers

A dispute resolution provider is a neutral person who helps parties discuss issues related to a disagreement. 


Mediation is a confidential process by which a neutral person helps the parties define issues, facilitate communication, and reach agreement.

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Domestic conciliation

Domestic conciliation is a nonconfidential process where a neutral person helps parents reach resolution by improving communication, settling differences, and finding solutions to conflict.

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Sample Order for Domestic Conciliation (PDF), Word

Parenting coordination

Parenting coordination is a nonconfidential, child-focused process where a neutral person helps parents implement court orders or daily parenting matters through assessing parenting skills and the child’s needs, educating parties about the child’s needs, coordinating professional services for the family, and helping the parties reduce harmful family conflicts.

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Sample Order for Appointment of Parenting Coordinator (PDF), Word

Case management

Case management is a nonconfidential process in which a court-appointed neutral case manager helps the parties by providing a procedure other than mediation to aid negotiating a plan for child custody, residency, or parenting time, or in which the case manager makes recommendations to the court.

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Sample Limited Case Management Order (PDF), Word
Sample Case Management Order (PDF), Word


Director of Dispute Resolution
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