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Search district court cases at Kansas Judicial Center

This information is also available as a printable flyer.

When can I search district court case information? 

The Office of Judicial Administration announced the public access service center is open as of November 7. 

Are case searches first come, first served? 

No. You must set up an appointment to visit the Judicial Center to complete your search. Appointments are for 30 minutes each. They will be scheduled between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., the same hours the Judicial Center is open. If demand is great, and we have staffing to manage it, evening hours may also be offered.  

Use the Public Access Service Center appointment request form to schedule your visit. 


Can I schedule back-to-back appointments?  

You may book up to two 30-minute sessions per day. If back-to-back appointment times are open, you may schedule your sessions back-to-back.  


Where do I go to search district court case information? 

Searches must be done in person at the Kansas Judicial Center, which is on 10th Avenue from the Kansas Statehouse in Topeka.  

Kansas Judicial Center 
301 SW 10th Avenue 
Topeka, KS 66612 

Enter the Judicial Center from the north side (faces 10th Avenue). Enter through the west door and exit from the east door.    


Where should I park? 

The capitol complex parking map shows options. Metered parking is an option throughout the capitol complex. Spaces nearest the Judicial Center are on the north and south sides of 10th Avenue.  

There are stalls for visitor parking in the lot west of the Judicial Center. The visitor section is at the intersection of 10th Avenue and Harrison Street. Enter the parking lot from Harrison Street, a one-way street traveling south.  


Are there building entry procedures I need to know about? 

Yes. Be prepared for a security screening to enter the building. You will be asked to enter your name and the reason for your visit into a tablet at the security station. Security guards will give you a visitor sticker you must wear while you are in the building. If you bring a bag or a purse, it will be scanned. You will walk through a metal detector.     


Why do I have to come to Topeka to search? 

The Office of Judicial Administration is restoring court information systems in phases. Providing district court case search capability is an early phase to fulfill information needs sooner than later. It depends on a local network in the Kansas Judicial Center.  


Will I be able to save or print search results and documents?  

You will not be able to save search results. You will be able to print, free of charge, information and documents from search results using an onsite printer. Please print only what is necessary.  


Does the public access case search include cases, documents, and actions processed October 12 and after? 

No. Search will include case information and documents processed prior to the October 12 security incident. To review cases, actions, and documents processed October 12 or after, you must contact the district court where the case is filed.  

District court contact information  


Can I use a public access computer to make an electronic payment?   

No. Electronic payments are not possible at this time. Payments must be made by cash, check, or money order delivered to the courthouse in person. Mailed payments should be sent to the Central Payment Center in the Kansas Judicial Center. Visit Pay a Fine or Fee for more information.   


Will I be able to search cases before the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court?  

No. The public access case search service is for district court case information only. The Office of Judicial Administration will announce when it’s possible to search appellate cases.  


I’m an attorney. When can I go back to filing electronically? 

Efforts are underway to bring information systems back online in phases. This phased recovery includes upgrading firewalls, rebuilding our network, and securing our technology environment, which takes time.  

An early phase of our recovery is restoring access to district court case information. We will restore Kansas Courts eFiling in a later phase of our recovery plan.    


Why are court information systems offline? 

Kansas court information systems have been offline since October 12, when the Office of Judicial Administration experienced a security incident. The office activated its response process, which included notifying the Kansas Information Security Office of the incident. Law enforcement is also aware of the security incident, and the Office of Judicial Administration is cooperating with its inquiry into the matter. 

The Office of Judicial Administration is working with outside experts to investigate what happened, how it happened, and what was affected. That investigation is ongoing. 

Where can I find more information? 

Visit the Court systems security incident webpage for updated information. It links to information pages for attorneys and the public, and to the latest news about the recovery. 


Any person with a disability who requires accommodation to access the service center should notify the judicial branch ADA coordinator as early as possible:

ADA Coordinator
TTY at 711


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