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Four-part webinar series on veterans treatment courts

Chief Justice Marla Luckert and retired Chief Justice Lawton Nuss cohosted a four-part webinar series on starting and managing veterans treatment courts. 
Kansas has one veterans treatment court in the 10th Judicial District, which is Johnson County. The judge who oversees the court was a presenter in this series.

Webinar 1: Veterans Treatment Court in a Nutshell

Webinar 1 recording 

Webinar 1 agenda topics

This session provides high-level information about implementing VTCs across the state.

  • Overview of VTCs in general.

  • Overview of the 10th Judicial District (Johnson County) VTC.

  • How VTCs can work throughout Kansas.

  • Supreme court rules related to specialty courts.

Webinar resources

10th Judicial District VTC PowerPoint presentation
Johnson County Veterans Treatment Court Participant Brochure
Veterans Treatment Court FAQs
NADCP: Congress Passes Veterans Treatment Court Coordination Act

Webinar 2: Setting up a VTC

Webinar 2 recording


Webinar 2 agenda topics

  • Funding

  • Building a team

  • Forms

  • Community resources

  • Challenges

  • Community outreach

Webinar 2 resources

VA Catchment Area Map

Webinar 3: Managing a VTC and Breakout Sessions

Webinar 3 recording

Webinar 3 agenda topics

  • Community resources

  • Supervision

  • Data collection

  • Funding

Webinar 3 resources

Kansas City VA Mental Health Services brochure
Kansas City VA Veterans Justice Outreach Program brochure


Webinar 4: Recruiting, Training Mentors, Grants, and Wrap-up

Webinar 4 recording

Webinar 4 agenda topics

  • Veterans community outreach

  • Data collection

  • Funding

  • Grants

  • Training mentors



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