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Ad Hoc Virtual Court Proceedings Committee


The Virtual Court Proceedings Committee developed guidance for courts conducting proceedings using two-way telephonic or electronic audio-visual communication. The guidance provides standards for remote proceedings, guidelines for meeting those standards, and examples of practices under the standards.

Kansas trial courts virtual courtroom standards and guidelines


Videoconferencing in Kansas courts

The Kansas Supreme Court established an Ad Hoc Virtual Court Proceedings Committee to study and recommend best practices for using videoconferencing in Kansas courts.

The committee is looking at:

  • current abilities to conduct court proceedings virtually;

  • the tools needed to expand virtual court proceedings;

  • maximizing efficiencies by conducting court proceedings virtually;

  • communication with court users about virtual court proceedings;

  • statutory or rule-based impediments to implementation of committee recommendations; and

  • other topics benefitting the courts in planning and implementing virtual court proceedings.

Committee Documents

June 25, 2021, meeting minutes
April 2, 2021, meeting minutes
January 15, 2021, meeting minutes

November 6, 2020, meeting minutes
October 16, 2020, meeting minutes

September 3, 2020, meeting minutes
August 21, 2020, meeting minutes

July 24, 2020, meeting minutes
July 10, 2020, meeting minutes

June 26, 2020, meeting minutes
June 12, 2020, meeting minutes

Administrative Order 2021-CM-174
Administrative Order 2020-CM-059


Amber Smith
Deputy Judicial Administrator

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