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The eCourt Steering Committee makes recommendations necessary to adopt and implement electronic court processes in Kansas. The eCourt Steering Committee has three subcommittees: Infrastructure, Requirements, and Rules.


  • Justice Dan Biles, Kansas Supreme Court

  • Justice Caleb Stegall, Kansas Supreme Court

  • Stephanie Smith, judicial administrator, Office of Judicial Administration

  • Chief Judge Jeffrey Gettler, 14th Judicial District

  • Kelly Johnson, court administrator, 4th Judicial District

  • Amber Smith, deputy judicial administrator and general counsel, Office of Judicial Administration

  • Chief Judge Karen Arnold-Burger, Kansas Court of Appeals

  • Christine Blake, clerk of Finney County District Court, 25th Judicial Administration

  • Kelly O'Brien, chief information technology officer, Office of Judicial Administration

  • Kathy Oliver, clerk of the Riley County District Court, 21st Judicial District

  • Judge Thomas Kelly Ryan, 10th Judicial District

  • Doug Shima, clerk of the appellate courts

  • District Magistrate Judge Debra Wright, 12th Judicial District


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