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Classification and Compensation Study

The Supreme Court depends on judges and judicial branch employees to meet its constitutional mandate to provide a unified court system to the people of Kansas.

Study looks at pay, jobs

In 2016, using a grant from the State Justice Institute, the Kansas judicial branch contracted with the National Center for State Courts to study its job classifications and rates of compensation for both employees and district magistrate judges. The original study was released November 18, 2016.

In 2018, the judicial branch again asked the National Center for State Courts to update the salary study for district court employees. The update is captured in the 2018 report.

Data update (2018)
2018 Appellate and District Court Compensation Study
2018 Salary Study Update Results for District Court

Data update (2017)
Appellate and District Court Aged Compensation Recommendations – FY 2018
Salary Study Results for District Court (percent under market by classification) (updated 9-21-17)

Original study (November 2016)
Appellate and District Court Classification and Compensation Study (executive summary)
Appellate and District Court Classification and Compensation Study
Magistrate Classification and Compensation Study


FY 2021 funding request

The judicial branch used updated data from the job classification and compensation studies to prepare a supplemental budget request for fiscal year 2021 that includes $18.3 million in funding to raise compensation to market levels for all judicial branch personnel.

The supplemental funding will allow for:

  • increasing salaries for employees to market levels, which were determined by applying 2019 consumer price index increases to the 2018 update to the salary study;

  • raising pay for district judges up to an average of the neighboring states of Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma; and

  • raising pay for appellate court judges and district magistrate judges by the same percentage as the increase for district judges. 


Kansas judge pay compared to other states

The National Center for State Courts has provided the Survey of Judicial Salaries for more than 40 years. It is typically published in July and January, and it serves as the primary record of compensation for state judicial officers. 

The Kansas judicial branch uses the July survey to prepare its budget request. For its fiscal year 2021 budget request, the judicial branch removed the District of Columbia and U.S. territories to determine its rank among states. 

NCSC July 1, 2019, Survey of Judicial Salaries 

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