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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court

Continuing Legal Education

Rule 808
Continuing Legal Education


(a) Annual CLE Fee. An active attorney must pay an annual CLE fee to fund administration of these rules. The Commission determines the amount of the annual fee, with approval by the Supreme Court.
(b) Notice of Fee. By June 1 of each year, the Commission will mail to each attorney's last known address a statement showing the annual CLE fee due for the next compliance period.
(c) Failure to Receive Notice. Failure of an attorney to receive a statement under subsection (b) does not excuse the attorney from paying the required fee.
(d) Due Date and CLE Late Fee. The annual CLE fee is due on July 1 and is delinquent if not paid before August 1. A fee postmarked on or after August 1 of the year in which the fee is due must be accompanied by a $50 late fee.
(e) Attorney Returning to Practice. An attorney who is reinstated to active status after a period of disbarment or suspension and an attorney who is returning to active status after a period of time on inactive status must pay the annual CLE fee required by subsection (a) for the current compliance period, together with any other fee required for reinstatement, prior to the attorney's return to active status.
(f) Active Status with Attorney Registration and CLE. Payment of the annual CLE fee and any applicable late fee is a prerequisite to completing registration as an active attorney under Supreme Court Rule 208.
(g) Returned Check. A service fee of the maximum amount allowed by law will be assessed for a check returned unpaid to the CLE Commission.

[History: New rule adopted effective July 1, 2011; Am. effective July 1, 2017.]

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