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A Guide to Judicial Branch Open Records Requests

Administrative Order No. 156
Re: Administration of the Kansas Open Records Act, K.S.A. 45-215 et seq.

This order replaces Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 45.

  • Ron Keefover, Public Information Officer for the Office of Judicial Administration, shall be the Freedom of Information Officer for the Kansas Appellate Court offices. Each district court shall appoint either Ron Keefover or a local district court employee to serve as Freedom of Information Officer.
  • Whenever a request is made for access to public records in the custody of a district court clerk, an access fee of $12.00 per hour may be charged for employee time required in providing access to or furnishing copies of those records. Readily accessible court indexes shall be accessible without charge or fee.
  • Costs for copying and certifying public records shall be the costs set by each district court pursuant to K.S.A. 28-170.
  • The following forms are attached to this order: Open Records Act Office Procedures, Request for Record Inspection or For a Copy, Record Request or Copy Delay Notice, and Record Request or Copy Denial Notice. These forms are declared sufficient to satisfy the administrative requirements of this order. These forms may be updated as deemed necessary by the Judicial Administrator.
  • Persons requesting criminal records searches for employment, credit, or the like shall be referred to the executive branch agency most likely to have centralized reference files, e.g., the Kansas Bureau of Investigation or the Division of Vehicles.

The Open Records Act Office Procedures are available for viewing, downloading, and/or printing:

The following forms are available for viewing, downloading, and/or printing:

  • Request for Record Inspection or for a Copy
  • Record Request or Copy Delay Notice
  • Record Request or Copy Denial Notice

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