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Office of the Disciplinary Administrator
701 SW Jackson Street, 1st Floor
Topeka Kansas 66603-3729
Telephone:  785.296.2486
Fax:  785.296.6049
Email: attydisc@kscourts.org

Office of the Disciplinary Administrator

The Kansas Disciplinary Administrator's Office is a state agency in the judicial branch working under the direction of the Kansas Supreme Court. The Disciplinary Administrator reviews complaints of misconduct against lawyers, conducts investigations, holds public hearings when appropriate, and recommends discipline to the Supreme Court in serious matters.

Attorney Discipline Hearing Room


Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys
Patricia M. Dengler, Chairman
John D. Gatz, Vice Chairman

  • Kimberly K. Bonifas
  • M. Jennifer Brunetti
  • Stephen W. Cavanaugh
  • Jeffrey A. Chubb
  • Shaye L. Downing
  • John M. Duma
  • Randall D. Grisell
  • Glen I. Kerbs
  • John E. Larson
  • Kathryn J. Marsh
  • Jack Scott McInteer
  • Mira Mdivani
  • James P. Rankin
  • Bethany J. Roberts
  • Lee M. Smithyman
  • Gaye Tibbets
  • Sarah E. Warner
  • Darcy D. Williamson

Office of the Disciplinary Administrator:
Stanton A. Hazlett, Disciplinary Administrator
Kate F. Baird, Deputy Disciplinary Administrator
Deborah L. Hughes, Deputy Disciplinary Administrator
Kimberly L. Knoll, Deputy Disciplinary Administrator
Penny R. Moylan, Deputy Disciplinary Administrator
Matthew J. Vogelsberg, Deputy Disciplinary Administrator
Danielle M. Hall, Deputy Disciplinary Administrator

Gayle B. Larkin, Admissions Attorney

Terry L. Morgan, Disciplinary Investigator
William C. Delaney, Disciplinary Investigator