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Legal Assistance

Being involved in a civil case can be intimidating.  You may feel there is no one to turn to for information, directions, or advice.  You may feel you cannot afford someone to help. Assistance is available.  Legal service programs offer information and advice.  They may also provide legal representation on some civil legal issues.

 The information resources below can help you.  Once you locate a lawyer, these resources can help you prepare for your first consultation and understand what fees you may have to pay.   Several local bar associations provide a lawyer referral services and you can check the yellow pages of your phone book for that number.

Limited Representation
You can hire an attorney to do specific parts of your case or to advise you depending upon how much assistance you can afford.   A lawyer can advise you of issues that you will need to be aware of.  Hiring an attorney to provide limited assistance may help you in representing yourself so that your rights are protected and that you know what to do at different stages of your case.

Access to Justice:  800-675-5860
Access to Justice Advice Line callers who are under 150% of the poverty level, do not have a conflict of interest, and are not calling in reference to a prohibited activity* case, can receive free advice over the phone from a paralegal supervised by a Kansas Legal Services attorney.  Any caller who is over 150% of the poverty level, who has a direct conflict of interest, or who is calling in reference to a case which is prohibited activity is offered alternate options (i.e., legal education brochures, community resources, $3/minute legal advice, search for private attorney at private attorney fees, etc…).
(*Prohibited Activity is basically any criminal or traffic offense.)

Kansas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service: 800-928-3111
Through this service the Kansas Bar Association attempts to refer callers to private attorneys who charge regular private attorney fees. This program does not have any “free or low-cost” attorneys, and they are not able to provide lists of attorneys for callers.  They attempt to connect each caller to an attorney directly, so this program provides only one attorney at a time.

Kansas Legal Services: 800-723-6953
Kansas Legal Services offers legal services to Kansas residents involved in civil cases. They provide information, assistance, and legal representation. They have eligibility requirements based upon income level, type of case, and other criteria such as age or county of residence.

Kansas Elder Law Hotline: 1-888-353-5337
The Hotline is available to persons who live in Kansas who are age 60 or older. There is no income eligibility to participate in this program.  The Hotline provides Kansas senior citizens access to an attorney to advise them about legal questions in civil cases and referrals to other resources for additional assistance.