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Kansas Supreme Court Archived Oral Arguments
January 2013

Listing of archived arguments from the January 2013 session of the Kansas Supreme Court. Archived arguments are available the week following live arguments.

  • January 28, 2013
    • 107,383 -- In the Matter of the Adoption of H.C.H., a Minor.
    • 104,392 -- State of Kansas v. Jonell Lloyd
    • 103,508 -- State of Kansas v. David Andrew Stevenson

  • January 29, 2013
    • 102,662 -- Adam Simmons v. Richard W. Porter and Sarah M. Porter, D/B/A Porter Farms
    • 104,998 -- State of Kansas v. Miguel A. Garcia
    • 102,055 -- State of Kansas v. Michael Rae Hensley
    • 104,710 -- State of Kansas v. Eric Ochs

  • January 30, 2013
    • 102,570 --Elizabeth Shirley, as Mother and Next Friend for Zeus Graham v. Imogene Glass, Baxter Springs Gun & Pawn Shop and Joe & Patsy George
    • 106,429 -- Jerry L. Martell as Conservator For Kim "Travis" Driscoll, Leroy Driscoll, Becky Mullins, and Dorothy McHardie
    • 103,674 -- State of Kansas v. Ryan Cox
    • 104,504 -- State of Kansas v. James Arthur Qualls

  • January 31, 2013
    • 104,092 -- State of Kansas v. Melissa Wells
    • 108,929 -- In the Matter of Scott C. Stockwell
    • 107,556 -- In the Matter of Stephen B. Small

  • January 31- February 1, 2013 - SUMMARY CALENDAR – NO ORAL ARGUMENT (Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 7.01(c))
    • 104,883 State v. Florentin
      104,900 State v. Newcomb
      105,050 State v. Miller
      105,215 State v. Waggoner
      105,991 State v. Moses
      106,946 State v. Nelson
      107,022 State v. Mitchell

  • January 31- February 1, 2013 - SUMMARY DISPOSITION OF SENTENCING APPEAL – NO ORAL ARGUMENT (Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 7.041A)
    • 106,302 State v. Merryfield
      107,187 State v. Ortega
      107,265 State v. Rock
      107,331 State v. Mondragon
      107,360 State v. Keith
      107,449 State v. Dutton
      107,460 State v. Cartwright
      107,484/107,485 State v. Yeubanks
      107,513 State v. Crabb
      107,693 State v. Jones
      107,712 State v. Panecatl-Marchand
      107,733 State v. Barnes
      107,801 State v. Newson
      107,845 State v. Fry
      107,879 State v. Williams

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