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Kansas Supreme Court Archived Oral Arguments
April 2013

Listing of archived arguments from the April 2013 session of the Kansas Supreme Court. Archived arguments are available the week following live arguments.

  • April 29, 2013
    • 104,565 -- State of Kansas v. Katron Harris
    • 105,420 -- State of Kansas v. Austin N. Jones
    • 104,847 -- State of Kansas v. Jason A. Cruz (There is a glitch (a skip) at the beginning recording of this case and the case number being called on the docket is not audible.)
    • 104,020 -- State of Kansas v. Sergio Cervantes-Puentes

  • April 30, 2013
    • 103,776 --Continental Western Insurance Company v. Christopher J. Shultz; City of Great Bend, Kansas; and City of Great Bend, Kansas Police Department
    • 103,155 -- John D. Boucek v. Richard Boucek and Diana Peck, as Executors of the Estate of Bernice E. Boucek, Deceased
    • 102,478 -- State of Kansas v. Rodney L. Turner (There is a glitch (a skip) at the beginning recording of this case and the case number being called on the docket is not audible).
    • 104,651 -- State of Kansas v. Sean Aaron Key

  • May 1, 2013
    • 104,316 -- Stanley Bank v. Johnny R. Parish, et al., (Bazin Excavating, Inc. and Robert A. Bazin)
    • 101,458 -- State of Kansas v. Christopher M. Lowrance
    • 105,854 -- State of Kansas v. Stanton Holt
    • 103,774 -- State of Kansas v. Christopher Brooks

  • May 2, 2013
    • 103,499 -- Angela Cady v. John Schroll, M.D., Women's Care, P.A., Cristine Carriker, M.D., Maureen King, M.D., Michael Magee, M.D., Julie Martin M.D., Brendan Mitchell, M.D., Angela Piquard, M.D., And Robert Sugar, M.D.
    • 105,384 -- State of Kansas v. Anderson Cheffen
    • 102,471 -- State of Kansas v. Rusty Sievers
    • 104,068 -- State of Kansas v. Tabatha L. Adams
    • 109,240 -- In the Matter of David M. Druten

  • April 29 - May 3, 2013 - SUMMARY CALENDAR – NO ORAL ARGUMENT - [Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 7.01(c)]
    • 107,858 -- State v. Baker

  • April 29 - May 3, 2013 - SUMMARY DISPOSITION OF SENTENCING APPEAL – NO ORAL ARGUMENT - (Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 7.041A)
    • 107,287 State v. Cobuluis
      107,392 State v. Ramsey
      107,454 State v. Wright
      107,606 State v. Wolfe
      107,654 State v. Teran
      107,710 State v. Haney
      107,726 State v. Kinzie
      107,756 State v. Dempsey
      107,769 State v. Weiss
      107,796 State v. Cortez
      107,799 State v. Lester
      107,832 State v. Kelly
      107,884 State v. Greer
      107,914/107,915 State v. Ramdorsingh
      107,922 State v. Friend
      107,949 State v. Robbins
      107,956/107,976 State v. Wilson
      108,027 State v. Tyler
      108,035 State v. Tallent
      108,048 State v. Glass
      108,123 State v. Liby
      108,133 State v. Walker
      108,138 State v. Richardson
      108,168 State v. Bradford
      108,194 State v. Baber
      108,229 State v. Schnegelsiepen
      108,242 State v. Tran
      108,254 State v. Schnegelsiepen

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