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20th Judicial District

Chief Judge
Hon Mike Keeley - Barton County

District Court Judge
Hon Steve Johnson - Barton County
Hon. Carey L. Hipp - Ellsworth County

District Magistrate Judge
Hon Marty K Clark - Russell County
Hon Richard Burgess - Rice County
Hon Timarie Ann Walters - Stafford County
Hon Verle Willey - Ellsworth County

District Court Administrator
Sabrina Chism - Barton County

Chief Court Services Officer
Lundy Settle - Barton County
Barton County District Court
Barton County Courthouse
1400 Main Room 306
Great Bend, KS   67530-4098
Phone: 620-793-1856 Fax: 620-793-1860
Clerk of the District Court: Martha Rivas
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Ellsworth County District Court
Ellsworth County Courthouse
210 N Kansas Avenue
Ellsworth, KS   67439-3118
Phone: 785-472-4052 Fax: 785-472-5712
Clerk of the District Court: Peggy Svaty
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Rice County District Court
Rice County Courthouse
101 W Commercial St 3rd Floor
Lyons, KS   67554-2797
Phone: 620-257-2383 Fax: 620-257-3826
Clerk of the District Court: Jane Hrabik
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Russell County District Court
Russell County Courthouse
401 N Main Street PO Box 876
Russell, KS   67665-0876
Phone: 785-483-5641 Fax: 785-483-2448
Clerk of the District Court: Laura Seirer
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Stafford County District Court
Stafford County Courthouse
209 N Broadway PO Box 365
St John, KS   67576-0365
Phone: 620-549-3295 Fax: 620-549-3298
Clerk of the District Court: Renee Salem
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