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Kansas Court of Appeals
Opinions Released September 10, 2010

Published Opinions

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Docket Number / Case Name
101824 - State v. Howard
102648 - In re Tax Appeal of Lipson

Unpublished Opinions
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Docket Number / Case Name / Judge / Disposition / County
100522 In the Matter of the Marriage of Sigg Per Curiam Affirmed Allen.
101367 State v. Allen Per Curiam Remanded with directions Shawnee.
102190/102191 State v. Fike Leben, J. Affirmed Shawnee.
102271 State v. Mosely Leben, J. Reversed and remanded with directions Johnson.
102357 State v. Barber Per Curiam Affirmed Sedgwick.
102428 State v. York Per Curiam Affirmed Sedgwick.
102528 Bushno v. Kansas Dept. of Agriculture Per Curiam Reversed in part and dismissed in part Johnson.
102580 State v. Yarger Per Curiam Reversed and remanded with directions Sherman.
102637 State v. Andrew Leben, J. Affirmed Johnson.
102730 State v. Lucas Per Curiam Affirmed Anderson.
102867 Woodward v. State Per Curiam Affirmed Bourbon.
102886 State v. Bottenberg Per Curiam Affirmed Shawnee.
102905 State v. Abildgaard Per Curiam Affirmed Saline.
102936 State v. Kennon Per Curiam Affirmed Brown.
103103/103104 State v. Brown Per Curiam Affirmed Kearny.
103220 State v. Maurer Per Curiam Affirmed McPherson.
103244 State v. Bogguess Per Curiam Affirmed Sedgwick.
103278 State v. Ramirez-Vazquez Per Curiam Affirmed Sedgwick.
103344 Hinderliter v. Werholtz, et al. Per Curiam Affirmed Leavenworth.
103554 State v. Felthoff Per Curiam Affirmed Sedgwick.
103665 State v. Thomas Per Curiam Affirmed Brown.
103775 Armstrong v. Kansas Parole Board Per Curiam Affirmed Leavenworth.
103830 State v. Micheaux Per Curiam Affirmed Sedgwick.
104008 In the Matter of the Adoption of B.M.J.F. Pierron, J. Affirmed Shawnee.

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