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Kansas Appellate Courts Filing Tips

  • All filings must include the appellate case number.
  • When providing the Clerk's Office with copies for filing, please provide the appropriate number of copies.
    • Docketing Statements, Docketing Statement Answers - Original + 1 copy
    • Briefs and 6.09(B) letters - Total of 16 copies
    • Petitions for Review, Responses to Petitions, Replies - Original + 9 copies
    • Motions, Responses to Motions, Responses to Court Orders
      • Supreme Court - Original + 8 copies
      • Court of Appeals - Original + 3 copies

    File stamped copies will be returned to you if additional copies and a self-addressed, stamped envelope are included with your filing. For any other copies provided by our office, the fee is $.25 per page plus postage.
  • All filings must include a signed and dated Certificate of Service showing service on ALL parties or their counsel
  • Remember to sign your document at the conclusion, and also to sign and date the Certificate of Service.
  • When responding to a court order, do so in pleading form, attach the required documentation (if any), and include a signed and dated Certificate of Service. Provide the appropriate number of copies with the filing.
  • When an order indicates a filing is due, the document must be filed on or before the date the court order indicates it is due. Mail time is not added to that date.
  • Please read and follow the Appellate Rules. The Clerk's Staff is available to help answer any procedural questions you may have about the Rules during regular business hours. Staff cannot answer legal questions or give legal advice.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Clerk's Office will not automatically file documents sent by parties who are represented by counsel. Those documents will be returned to the party with instructions to discuss the matter with counsel and to follow counsel's advice. Motions to dismiss/appoint counsel and motions to file supplemental briefs will be allowed to be filed by a represented party. Refer to Rule 5.01(b).

Clerk of the Appellate Courts
Telephone - 785.296.3229
Fax - 785.296.1028
Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday -Friday

You may access case information online at http://tpka-oas-01.kscourts.org:8888/pls/ar/clerks_office.request_case.

Examples of forms, and available fillable forms, may be found in the Kansas Appellate Practice Handbook 4th. Please refer to Chapter 12 in the Table of Contents for a complete list of forms.