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Kansas Board of Law Examiners
Subjects tested and minimum passing score

The Kansas Essay Examination (KEE) consists of sixteen essay questions drafted and graded by the Kansas Board of Law Examiners.  Each essay is designed to take the applicant approximately 22 minutes.  Subject matter includes the following: personal property, domestic relations and family law, noncorporate business organizations, agency and employment, U.C.C. and commercial transactions, legal ethics, contracts, corporations, real property, constitutional law, criminal law, criminal procedure, Kansas and federal civil procedure, torts, wills, trusts and administration, conflict of laws, and evidence. Each session, morning and afternoon, contains eight essay questions.  Each session is three hours in length.

The basic emphasis in grading the essay examination is upon a demonstration of:

(a) the ability to analyze and identify the legal issues raised by a novel and unclassified factual situation;
(b) the ability to separate relevant material from that which is not;
(c) knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of law applicable to the probable solution of such issues; and
(d) logical and plausible analytical reasoning based upon the applicable legal principles in reaching a definite conclusion in a clear, conciseand well organized composition.

The examination is not designed primarily for the purpose of testing information, memory, or experience.  The Board is principally concerned with the legal reasoning employed in arriving at the ultimate conclusion rather than with the particular conclusion reached.

The Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) is prepared and graded by the National Conference of Bar Examiners in conjunction with the American College Testing Program, Iowa City, Iowa.  It consists of multiple choice questions on the subjects of contracts, criminal law, real property, torts, evidence, and constitutional law.  The examination is given in six hours and includes two hundred items or questions, arranged singly or in groups, each item consisting of a question or "stem” with four alternative answers,  including a "best answer” and three "distractors,” some of which may be reasonably acceptable but not the "best.”  Only the best answer will receive any credit.

The essay portion and the MBE portion of the examination are weighted in the grading process so they are equally important in the computation of a candidate’s  combined score.  Kansas scales the essay examination to the MBE and the minimum passing score is an average combined scaled score of 133; a score of 132.99 is not a passing score.

The purpose of the examination is not to trick or trap you; it is not to limit admissions to the bar.  It is to ensure minimum basic academic preparation for the practice of law.  The Board takes no position on various preparatory or review courses, except that a comprehensive review of your legal education is useful and desirable.  A good legal education, carefully reviewed, should provide all that is necessary to pass this examination.